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100% Free & 100% No-Commitment Consultation

A no-commitment / no-fee consultation to get your questions answered

Free consultation is for you if you only need to talk to a dentist and discuss oral health concerns or discuss a potential procedure or treatment. It is no-commitment interactive discussion with Dr. Xavier to discuss any oral health discussion you want to have. Dr. Xavier can provide possible recommendations or suggestions based on the discussion and will leave it to you on how to proceed.

Texan Smile Dentist Sugar Land 77479 Free Dental Consultation

Free Dental Consultation with Dr. Xavier

Dr. Xavier is an ardent proponent of the belief that communication is key in a doctor-patient relationship. Establishing a open and direct communication channel with her patients enables Dr. Xavier to become their trusted partner when it comes to better oral health. This belief is the driving factor behind this 100% no-commitment, no-cost consultation service.

During this session, Dr. Xavier will meet with you, listen to your questions and will provide initial guidance. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for a consultation. This discussion is a great opportunity for you to discuss any oral health topics with Dr. Xavier and team. After consulting with Dr. Xavier, if you feel comfortable and would like to continue, you can schedule for a follow up appointment.

What does free consultation include ?

You might wonder what can be discussed during these consultations. Some of the frequent topics that come up during consultation sessions include

  • Oral health concerns and possible treatment options
  • Smile aesthetics and potential treatments
  • Questions on insurance coverage
  • Taking advantage of Texan Smile Gold Package plans and EasyPay Payment plans
  • Est. Cost and duration for specific procedures
  • Addressing anxiety about dental treatment

Please note that since there is no exam or x-rays included in free consultation, Dr. Xavier and team is limited to the advise or guidance they can offer

If you are interested in scheduling a 100% no-fee no-commitment cosmetic and smile assessment with us, please reach out to the Texan Smile team and we will be happy to schedule it for you.

Scheduling a free consultation

If the questions are more treatment or health oriented, Dr. Xavier will make every effort to personally attend the discussion as her schedule permits. If the questions or discussion is more about the insurance or our in-house payment plans, any of the Texan Smile team members can help you.

You can call our office or email us to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Schedule your free cosmetic and smile assessment consultation with Texan Smile today. Texan Smile offers a wide range of cosmetic services including porcelain crowns, Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening and Invisalign Clear aligners.

Dr. Xavier will meet with you to hear your goals and address any questions you have on possible procedures. With the advancement in Dentistry and the expertise and experience Dr. Xavier possess, the options are limitless when it comes to improving smile aesthetics.

Reach out to us to get started

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