Basic or Deep Cleaning – What is best for me ?

Texan Smile Blog - Basic or Deep Cleaning - What is best for me ?

Deep Cleaning is a key tool in fighting and treating gum diseases. Periodontal disease or gum disease affects 50% US population older than 30. Aside from oral health, gum diseases can affect overall health. Research shows the direct link between gum disease and many systemic diseases like diabetes, heart disease etc. Research also suggests that treating gum disease can improve blood sugar control in diabetic patients.

When gum disease is left untreated, it will destroy the supporting structures of the teeth. The damages due to gum disease are permanent and in certain severe cases of gum disease, it could lead to loss of teeth. Diagnosing gum disease in the early stages and treating the condition to prevent the progression is critical to both oral and overall health.


Main symptoms of gum disease are bleeding gums, reddish swollen gums, bad breath, shifting teeth and mobility of teeth. It is worth noting that warning signs are not always present or can go unnoticed by patients.

Regular Vs. Deep Cleaning

During the routine dental visits, dentist can evaluate the periodontal status clinically and radiographically and determine if the patient is a candidate for basic cleaning or deep cleaning. For patients with deep periodontal pockets, inflamed gums, bone loss and tartar (calculus) below the gum line are candidates for deep cleaning (scaling and root planing).

Deep cleaning also known as Scaling and Root planing. It is recommended for patient with gum disease / periodontal disease. Scaling part involves removal of calculus, plaque and bacteria under the gum line with special instruments. Root planing helps to smoothen the rough surfaces of roots to prevent bacterial growth and plaque accumulation. This will promote reattachment of gum tissue to the root surface.

With only basic cleaning, such patients with gum disease will leave the gum disease untreated leading to additional complications and issues. If the patients continue to choose to under treat the periodontal disease, it will lead to the progression of the gum disease leading to severe damages to the natural tooth structure.


Due to insurance limitations, deep cleaning will incur more out of pocket charges than a basic cleaning. But in the long run, taking care of the gum diseases through deep cleaning will prove beneficial to maintain better oral health and avoid health complications and additional treatment costs in the future.

Do I need a Deep Cleaning?

Make sure you do not miss your routine visits to your dentist to ensure any oral health issues are diagnosed at the onset before it progresses.Schedule an appointment with Dr. Xavier at Texan Smile to complete an exam and diagnosis today.

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