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Dental hygiene is a crucial component of your overall health and helps you to keep your mouth, gums, and teeth clean and healthy. Oral hygiene is critical to avoid dental health issues such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and cavities. In addition, good dental hygiene practices help avoid common oral health problems such as halitosis ( bad breath ) and keep your smile beautiful. Oral health issues can affect your everyday life by impacting fundamental functions like talking, eating, smiling, and even could lead to broader health issues.

Lack of basic oral hygiene leads to the accumulation of bacterial plaque on the teeth’ surface, which transforms into a hard layer of sugar and bacteria. Plaque can impact oral health and lead to gum inflammation, cavity, tartar, and periodontal or periodontitis disease.

So how do we get to get to good oral hygiene?
Simple – 2 minutes, two times a day. Brushing your teeth at least two times a day for two minutes is the minimum requirement for daily oral hygiene.
A popular recommendation is to brush your teeth, if possible, after each meal. While this may not be possible for everyone, even drinking a glass of water after each meal and washing your mouth thoroughly after each meal will help to remove any food that remains leftover in the mouth after the meal.

A toothbrush can only reach the exposed surfaces of a tooth. Food can get stuck between teeth or between teeth and gum. So, Flossing is vital for maintaining oral hygiene. If left uncleaned, these food particles can cause bad breath and gum diseases. Flossing, when done correctly, removes these food particles that brushing cannot. Make sure to include Flossing in your daily oral care routine.

Texan Smile Sugar Land Dentist Blog

From a very young age, kids need to learn about oral hygiene practices. As soon as the child starts to have the required skill, the parents should encourage them to brush their teeth. However, parents should follow up and ensure that children correctly did the brushing. Regular follow-ups will promote healthy habits and instill the importance of oral health in young minds. Until the age of seven, the child can have flaws in the brushing process.

Health diet and habits contribute to oral health and hygiene. Having a balanced diet and avoiding too many sugary foods can help with your oral health and overall health. Soda and other high-sugar foods create a more favorable environment for bacteria to thrive. In addition, habits like smoking and chewing tobacco, while creates grave health issues, also impact your oral health and is one of the leading causes of oral cancer.

Routine visits to the dentist help to ensure your oral health is good. Through exams and x-rays ( if needed ), a dentist can examine your oral health and recommend if any treatment is required. Your dentist will advise on how often you need to visit them for routine checkups as it may vary for individuals.

Texan Smile Sugar Land Dentist Blog

Oral health issues and tooth loss affects everyday life by impacting one’s ability to chew food or talk. Even though medicine and technology have made far too many advancements, every dentist would agree that practicing better oral health care is the most fundamental step in preserving your natural teeth. In addition, better oral hygiene will help you avoid painful dental health issues and time-consuming treatments at your dentist.

A dentist is your key ally in your fight to complete oral health and a perfect smile, but you have the power to take the first and most crucial step – and that is to commit to a good oral hygiene care routine. Texan Smile, a premier Family and Cosmetic Dentist in Sugar Land, features cutting-edge technology, a modern and convenient facility, friendly staff, and offers the best dental care for you and your family. Located near the Riverstone neighborhood in Sugar Land, we are easily accessible for all Sugar Land residents. In addition, we offer a wide array of services for you and your family. So come in to see us, and don’t forget to check out our exclusive promotions.

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