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I am Dr. Xavier

About Dr. Xavier, Dentist at Texan Smile Sugar Land

Dr. Sneha Xavier is committed to providing high-quality dental care to all of her patients and promoting healthy habits for dental care and oral hygiene. She obtained her Doctor of Dental Medicine from the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine ( formerly known as University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey) and has extensive experience in endodontic treatment, restorative dentistry, patient management, and many other specialized fields. Dr. Xavier’s aim is to create a welcoming atmosphere where open dialogue is fostered between her and her patients. Outside of her office, she loves long walks, trying new recipes, and any activity where she can spend time with her family and friends.

“I think probably kindness is my number one attribute in a human being. I’ll put it before any of the things like courage or bravery or generosity or anything else.” ~Roald Dahl

Dr. Xavier is dedicated to using her education and expertise to provide the best health care possible to her patients and actively educate and promote the importance of developing healthy dental habits. She believe that commitment to service is integral to social responsibility and ensures it reflects on her work. She enjoys working closely with her patients and find her clinical time a truly rewarding experience. Dr. Xavier is very much interested in being involved in the academic capacity of Dentistry as it enables her to improve her knowledge in the field as well as contribute to the advancement of dental science.

Dr. Sneha Xavier Texan Smile Dentist Sugar Land 77479

Dr.  Xavier and her family resides in Telfair, Sugar Land

Dr. Sneha Xavier Texan Smile Sugar Land

Dr. Sneha Xavier, Texan Smile Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

She has diversified experience in patient management, endodontic treatment, restorative treatment, comprehensive examination and treatment, medically compromised patients’ treatment, and management of oral and maxillofacial trauma amongst many other areas of dentistry. Dr. Sneha Xavier cherishes building relationships with her patients and strives to create a sociable environment thus encouraging open communication with her patients.

Dr. Xavier is affiliated with American Dental Association (ADA), Texas Dental Association (TDA) and Greater Houston Dental Society.