What Happens When You Get a Dental Filling?

What Happens When You Get a Dental Filling?

Dental fillings are never a topic patients want to consider, but seeing a dentist near you to keep your oral health in line is extremely important. If it’s determined that you need a dental filling, you are likely to have many questions, and perhaps be tempted to avoid the procedure. But you can rest assured, not only is your local dentist in Sugar Land equipped with the best technology, but the procedure is necessary to avoid further complications.

With that in mind, Texan Smile, the premier dentist in Sugar Land, Texas, lays out everything you need to know about dental fillings.

  • Examination: Every visit will always begin with an examination, especially in the event that a patient walks in with tooth pain. It is important to examine for signs of any dental decay. Typically, these are soft spots which form on the structure of the tooth itself. Depending on the size and progress of the decay, the necessary steps will be determined.

  • X-rays: Often, a visual examination will be paired with an X-ray. That’s because your dentist needs to determine the extent of any decay. It is possible for decay to spread into the tooth’s root. X-rays and digital imaging help determine the extent of this decay, and help determine whether a filling or root canal is the best option.

  • The Decay Is Removed: Whether a filling or root canal is needed, priority one is removing the decay. A dental drill or a dental laser is used. Carefully, only the decay is removed to allow your natural tooth to remain intact. Depending on the amount of the decay, a crown may be used instead of filling.

  • Tooth Is Cleaned: With the decay removed, the tooth is fully cleaned to restore full health to your tooth. Because this is a critical point in the process, we may give you antibiotics to ensure there is no risk of infection.

  • Dental filling is placed and hardened: Lastly, a filling is placed to maintain both the function and shape of your tooth. The most common filling is made of a naturally tooth-colored resin. The process of applying, shaping, and hardening the resin is very quick, utilizing an advanced light. The result is a tooth that looks and functions like your natural teeth.

    Amalgam fillings, which are an older process, are sometimes still used by dentists. This is a compose comprised of various metals and has a silver look. Shaping the tooth to ensure proper appearance and bite requires a high level of precision that only an experienced dentist may have.

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Without a doubt, whether you think you may need a filling or not, the only way to protect your oral health now and into the future is to maintain regular appointments with your local dentist. If you are seeking a dentist in 77479 zip code areas, consider Texan Smile your first choice. With years of experience and excellent attention to detail, Texan Smile will keep you happy and healthy.




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