To Quip or Not to Quip ?

Quip is electric, elegant, easy-to-use, beautiful, and most importantly, great at what it is supposed to do.

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The toothbrush is the primary tool when it comes to oral health. And as you are probably aware, there is no shortage of options out in the market when it comes to what is available. There are all kinds and shapes and colors to choose from for a toothbrush. There is the good ol’ no-frill regular toothbrush that we have all used in the past to the luxury titanium toothbrushes ( yes, they do exist ! ). In the middle of all these gadgets and marketing frenzy, there is Quip. Quip is electric, elegant, easy-to-use, beautiful, and most importantly, great at what it is supposed to do.

So what makes Quip so good?

Quip Design. It is simple, stylish, and easy to use. No frills, no cables, no gimmicks – only one button setting to turn it on or off. The Quip brush head uses soft silicone fibers for deeper cleaning. Quip uses 2 AAA batteries that will last for six months if you use them for the recommended 2 x 2 brushing routine. The product is very minimalist and makes it a perfect companion if you want to take it with you to your work or when you travel.

The two brush heads that come with the Quip pack are the same in size and softness. Quip also comes with a simple holder that helps you stick the brush to your bathroom mirror if you prefer. Like any brush, it has a tongue scraper on the back. Quip is extremely quiet and only produces subtle pulses. And the colors, Quip comes in a wide array of colors, and all of them are beautiful.

Quip Features

Best and most innovative Quip feature of all, the timer-based vibration. As per ADA recommendations, for good oral hygiene, everyone should, at the minimum, brush their teeth two times a day for 2 mins each. If you own a Quip, the brush makes it easy for you. Quip produces 30-second pulses for 2 minutes. The brush comes with an inbuilt timer that starts when you press a button, and the vibrations stop every 30 seconds. This routine helps the user focus on the four quarters of the mouth and ensures each part got the required attention. And, as a result, all teeth will be cleaned, and none skipped.

Quip Subscription service. Quip offers subscription services that allow getting replacement parts – like the brush head – at a discounted rate at scheduled times. Most people don’t realize that the bristles wear down with continued use over time and lose their efficiency to clean the teeth effectively. Quip subscription service alleviates this problem by sending you a new replacement brush head every three months. Quip subscription service comes at an extra charge.

What is Included. If you get a Quip starter package, check out what it may include according to your order:

• One toothbrush including battery
• One toothpaste usable for 3 months
• One base to keep the brush stand easily
• A tube to attach the brush with mirror or wall
• Product usage instruction and oral hygiene manual

Quip also comes in both adult and kid sizes. While this might not stand out as an innovative feature, it does provide a great tool to get the younger ones interested in oral hygiene. Overall, Quip is a well-designed product with the user in mind. Quip delivered successfully on the core function rather than trying to fit in all the bells and whistles—a must-required tool for anyone fighting the good fight to keep their smile healthy.

A dentist is your main ally in your fight to complete oral health and a perfect smile, but you have the power to take the first and most crucial step – and that is to commit to a good oral hygiene care routine. Texan Smile, a premier Family and Cosmetic Dentist in Sugar Land, features cutting-edge technology, a modern and convenient facility, friendly staff, and offers the best dental care for you and your family. Located near the Riverstone neighborhood in Sugar Land, we are easily accessible for all Sugar Land residents. In addition, we offer a wide array of services for you and your family. So, come in to see us, and don’t forget to check out our exclusive promotions.

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