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Everything you need to know about Teeth Extractions

Tooth extractions are basically the last resort for dentists. In most cases, other treatments to restore the tooth back to health are considered before recommending an extraction. However, if a decayed or injured tooth threatens the health of the rest of the teeth and overall oral health, it will have to be extracted. Additionally, teeth may require extraction if they are impacted, are crowding the mouth, or are preventing the eruption of a permanent tooth.

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the oral cavity. There are two types of extractions simple and surgical. One of the most common extractions performed in young adults are wisdom teeth removal due to impaction, pain and infection. If the wisdom teeth are healthy and aligned well, there is no need to remove them.

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Preparing for Teeth Extraction

Adult teeth are supposed to stay for your lifetime if maintained well. But there are situations where extraction is required due to severe decay, non restorable tooth, loose tooth due to gum disease, extensive fracture, infection of tooth not responding to treatment, impacted teeth causing pain, infection, swelling and for orthodontic treatment.

Before the extraction procedure, dentists will evaluate the medical history in detail. This is to prevent any complications during or after the procedure. Patients with complex medical issues need special treatment plan consideration. Dr. Xavier will communicate with your general physician to better understand your overall health status and fitness for the procedure and take necessary precautions during the extraction procedure.

Dental Extraction Procedure

During your visit, dentist will do an exam and take X-rays to evaluate if the tooth can be saved or not. Depending on the condition of the impacted tooth, extraction could be simple or surgical. Patient’s medical history is reviewed to see if you are fit to undergo this procedure. Patient with complex medical history will need clearance from their physician before the procedure.

At Texan Smile, local anesthesia is used to numb the area before the procedure. During the procedure, patient experiences only pressure and will not feel any pain. Dentist uses an elevator to loosen the tooth first and then uses forceps to remove the tooth. After the extraction, the patient may or may not require sutures depending on the complexity of the extraction.

Types of Teeth Extractions

There are two types of extractions: simple and surgical. During a simple extraction which is performed when the tooth is visible and accessible above the gum line, the dentist will remove the tooth using forceps. A surgical extraction is performed if the problem lies deeper within the gum line.

During a surgical extraction, the gum tissue is cut into in order to access the tooth. The affected area will first be numbed with either a local anesthetic or, if multiple teeth are being removed at once, a general anesthetic. Once the incision has been made in the gum line, the tooth will be gripped and removed easily. After the tooth has been removed, sutures will be used to close the area. Normally, soluble sutures are chosen because they conveniently dissolve over time.

Care after Extraction

After the extraction, a blood clot is naturally formed in the socket to promote the healing. if this clot gets dislodged, healing will be delayed and a painful condition called dry socket could happen. This could develop 3-4 days after the extraction. Dentist can place a sedative dressing in the dry socket area to relieve the discomfort and promote the normal healing. Rinsing the area with warm salt water will help to soothe the area.


The key factor in the normal healing process of the extraction socket would be stabilizing the blood clot in the socket.Immediately after the extraction, patient need to bite on the gauze pack to apply pressure on the extraction site to control the bleeding approximately for 20 – 30 mins. Slight oozing of blood for the next 24 hours is common. if you notice bleeding, it can be controlled or stopped by applying pressure. It is advised to reach out to your dentist or medical professional if you notice bleeding.

Post Operative Care

After an extraction, it is recommended to avoid using a straw, spitting forcefully, spicy foods, vigorous rinsing or brushing the area for the next 24 hours. Its is recommended to have food that is soft at room temperature or cold. Smoking after the extraction can negatively impact the healing process. To control pain, take any medications that is prescribed by the dentist or OTC medication as per the dentists or the medical professional’s recommendation.

Post Operative Visit

An appointment is scheduled within a week for a post operative visit.

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