10 Smile Resolutions to Make in 2020 ( or now ! )

This year, Texan Smile is putting a list together that you will actually want to keep.

It is that time of the year again and as every year we start thinking of making new resolutions for the new year. We have all done it with varying degrees of success . This year, Texan Smile is putting a list together that you will actually want to keep. In case you are wondering why would we publish a new year resolution before thanksgiving, you guessed right – there is no need to wait to start practicing better oral health care. Keep that smile pretty and happy !

Oral hygiene is important for the overall well being and oral health issues could affect your overall health. And obviously, good oral hygiene is only possible through a good care routine. The list we have put together outlines 10 key changes you can make to your daily oral care routine and reap big rewards. If you are already following them, kudos !. If you are not , start ‘em now.


Smile Resolution #1: Brush regularly

While everyone knows the importance of brushing your teeth , understanding when ,how often and how long do your brush is important. If possible, brush your teeth after every meal.

If it is not possible to brush your teeth after each meal, make sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth so that there are no food particles left in your mouth. The left over food particles allow bacteria to grow leading to bad breath and other oral health issues including cavities. Another aspect of brushing is how long do your brush for. important aspect most overlook when brushing is how you brush and how long do you brush for .When you brush, don’t hurry through the process, but make sure you spend at least around 2 minutes to complete.

When brushing, make sure all surfaces of the teeth are covered and cleaned and you spend equal amount of time for all surfaces. If there are hard to reach areas, make sure you spend some extra time cleaning those areas. One helpful tip is to start using a timer when you brush to make sure you stick to the ~2 minute duration. Once it becomes a part of your routine, timer wont be necessary anymore.


Smile Resolution #2: Use the right products

We all are familiar with the different types, kinds and colors of toothpaste that is available. Most of them also have that one ingredient that makes it special than others. Same goes for toothbrushes as well. There are all sizes and kinds that are available – electric, battery operated, disposable, natural etc . Now the challenge is to find what you require – one that will fit your oral hygiene requirements. While it is safe to say that most of what is available in the market will work for you, talking with your dentist can help. Your dentist understands your oral health status and can recommend a solution what would be the most ideal for your oral care.


Smile Resolution #3: Your diet matters

Your diet can impact your oral health and plays an important role in keeping your teeth healthy and your smile looking good. Certain foods can damage your teeth’s enamel and encourage cavities. Foods with high sugar content increase the chances for new cavities and worsens existing cavities. Drinks like carbonated soda can also affect your oral health. While drinks like coffee and tea can affect the shade of your teeth and make it look more less bright. It is interesting to note that some of these foods could also have other negative health impacts. While we wont suggest you to avoid these food items completely, moderating these items will have long term health benefits


Smile Resolution #4: Healthy habits help in long run

Certain habits can impact your oral health and your overall health negatively. Smoking and chewing tobacco is one of the leading causes of oral cancer. As you are probably aware, these habits can cause other health issues as well. As any medical professional would advise , stay clear of any tobacco or smoking products. One of the lesser harmful effects of these habits is the staining of the teeth. With the advancement in teeth whitening options like Zoom, these stains can be cleared and the brightness of your smile restored.


Smile Resolution #5: Floss like you care

Toothbrush helps you to clean the surface of your teeth. According to American Dental Association (ADA), floss is a key tool to keep your teeth and gums healthy.  Cleaning between teeth removes plaque that can lead to cavities or gum disease from the areas where a toothbrush can’t reach. The food particles that are stuck between the teeth and the gums cannot be cleaned using a toothbrush. That is where floss comes to the rescue.

If food particles remain between teeth, it can lead to gum inflammation and if left untreated it could end up in losing the impacted tooth.

Flossing is as important as brushing your teeth when it comes to keeping your teeth and gum healthy.

Food particles stuck between the teeth can help the growth of bacteria leading to gum diseases , plaque buildup and bad breath. There should not be any doubt when it comes to flossing. Flossing helps you to make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy. And your smile stays fresh.


Smile Resolution #6: Add mouthwash to your routine

A good addition to the daily brushing routine will be mouthwash. There are a lot of different variations that are available in the market and your dentist can help you choose one that will work the best for you given your oral health status. Mouthwash helps you to freshen your smile and also helps to kill bacteria that could cause bad breath. Mouthwash can reach every nook and corner of the mouth and flush out any remaining food particles to keep your mouth clean and give you a fresh feeling.


Smile Resolution #7: Hydrate

Drinking water to keep the body hydrated has multi faceted heath benefits . Keeping your body hydrated helps you with skin health, flushing body waste, keeping your body cool , better digestion and the list goes on and on.. When it comes to oral health, drinking water helps to form saliva and also helps to clear out the food particles in your mouth after a meal.

Drinking water regularly helps you to avoid craving for unhealthier alternatives like soda or other unhealthy snacks. Overall, keeping yourself hydrated makes you feel and look better.

Smile Resolution #8: Routine cleaning

Having your teeth cleaned regularly can help avoid dental health issues and stop any existing dental health issues from building up or spreading. Treating any oral health issue at the beginning will be a much more less painful, shorter and less expensive experience. As oral health issues spread and expand, it could lead to a more painful experience and even end up in loss of permanent tooth structure. Even with a good daily oral care routine, getting your teeth cleaned regularly by a professional helps to keep your teeth healthy and bright as it should be. While the required number of visits in a year will differ for every individual, your dentist can work with you to identify the right frequency.


Smile Resolution #9: You know you best

Having a good understanding of your oral health status is a very smart thing to do. As you go through your daily health care routine, examine your mouth regularly and if you see anything odd, consult with your dentist.


Smile Resolution #10: Don’t skip your date with your dentist

How often to visit the dentists depends on one’s oral health and overall health history. Once your dentist is familiar with your oral health statusand oral care requirements, he or she will be able to recommend how many number of visits per year would be ideal. And take advantage of these visits and learn about your oral health. Ask questions and your dentist will be happy to address any of your questions or concerns.

Dr. Xavier at Texan Smile is dedicated to using her education and expertise to provide the best health care possible to her patients and actively educate and promote the importance of developing healthy dental habits. We combine our experience and in-depth understanding of oral health to identify our patients goals and set them on a path to achieve their goal.

Texan Smile clinic is equipped with the latest equipment that puts customer comfort and health at the forefront while enabling our team to identify and provide the best care possible.


Why Texan Smile ?

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