Sugar Land Dental Clinic Uses Crowns in Many Ways

Sugar Land Dental Clinic Uses Crowns in Many Ways

Dental crowns are popular for a very long time. Technologies, techniques and materials for dental crowns have changed a lot but their usefulness continues to evolve. Many dentists at Texan Smile use this treatment at clinics in Sugar Land.

What is a crown?

Imagine if you can grin into the mirror and see-through the gum tissue and bone. Under the gum line, you would see roots of teeth extending into the bone which keeps them solidly anchored. The other portion of each tooth is called the crown because it rises above gum tissue that allows you to bite, tear and grind food.

A dental crown encircles the part of the tooth that is visible above the gum line. It is mimicking the size and contours of the natural crown.

Dentist in Sugar Land says crown placement first requires the shaping of the tooth. The tooth is reduced that allow a dental crown to fit over it. When a decayed or damaged structure is removed, the tooth is built up with a composite bonding material to support the crown.

The dentists take impressions of your mouth with the help of an intraoral camera and meticulous measurements. The ceramist fabricates a crown matching with your teeth beautifully.

Texan Smile suggests a stand-alone dental in few situations-

  • A large filling has failed and taken some of your teeth with it.
  • Untreated tooth decay has created a huge hole in your tooth.
  • A piece of the tooth has broken off or there is more than one fracture.

Dentist in Sugar Land, TX recommends taking care of the crown is important.

A dental crown lasts for many years with good care and home hygiene is important. The crown cannot decay but natural teeth underneath it can get a cavity. The gum disease can develop around the crowned teeth.

Dentist in 77479 urges-

  • Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day.
  • Rinse your mouth after every meal.

Visit a dentist near you to learn more about dental crowns. Every licensed dentist learns about crowns in dental school in Sugar Land.

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