Full & Partial Dentures in Sugar Land, TX 77479

Full & Partial Dentures in Sugar Land, TX 77479

Unfortunately, all teeth will naturally wear down over time, becoming more susceptible to damage and decay. When not handled properly, this can potentially lead to tooth loss. If this does happen, there are several options available for replacing your lost teeth. Dental prosthetics called dentures are one of the most common solutions for patients seeking to restore their smiles. Dr. Xavier at Texan Smile provides both partial and full dentures, depending upon each patient’s specific needs.

Treatment Options

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth that can be used to replace a line of missing teeth. They are designed to look like the natural teeth and the surrounding tissues, restoring the smile’s appearance as well as the teeth’s functionality. Depending on how many teeth are being replaced, complete or partial dentures can be made. This normally requires a few appointments in order to ensure that they are comfortable and fit properly. During the first appointment, accurate molds and measurements will be taken of the mouth in order to create dentures that are customized to you personally. The dentures may require several separate appointments for Dr. Xavier to make any necessary adjustments to achieve the right shape, color, and fit for each patient.

Depending on your specific needs, your dentist will design a partial denture for you, instead of full dentures. Dr. Xavier can help you to determine whether partial or full dentures would be best for your smile.

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