How to choose your Dentist ?

This article will help you pick out your dentist and point you to the questions and information you need to have handy before making that choice.

A visit to the dentist can be perplexing and sometimes a bit confusing. You might even come across a few unfamiliar terms. In the midst of all that, you might end up forgetting questions you wanted to ask. This article collects information that might help you pick out your dentist and the questions/information you need to have handy before making that choice. Here are a few basic questions that everyone can benefit from before scheduling your appointment with your dentist

What services does the provider offer?

When selecting a dental provider, ensure they provide e is a full-service family and cosmetic dental practice. It will be efficient and a great timesaver to pick a dentist that can serve the whole family.

Do I need x- rays?

During your first visit, your provider will do a consultation to understand your dental needs. Based on your dental history and this consultation, it can be determined if x-rays are required or not. In addition, the dentist will inform you of the number of x-rays needed.

Does the provider offer a free consultation?

The free consultation is for you if you only need to talk to a dentist, discuss oral health concerns, or discuss a potential procedure or treatment. Some providers may or may not offer this service. Please note that since there is no exam or x-rays included in free consultations, your provider will be limited to the advice or guidance they can offer. Above all, consultation allows you to meet the provider, see the facility and make sure you feel welcome and comfortable without the risk of commitment.

We do offer Free Consultations at Texan Smile.

Does the provider accept dental insurance?

Make sure your provider accepts your insurance and selected coverage. Each insurance company offers multiple programs with various levels of coverage.

What will be the out-of-pocket expense?

Even with insurance, there could be out-of-pocket expenses depending on the coverage and plan. Once you provide your insurance details to your provider, they will look up your insurance benefits and help you understand your benefits and coverage.

What is In-Network vs. Out of Network coverage?

While most providers work with various insurances, the plans and coverage could vary, and your benefits will depend on that factor. If your provider is “In-network” with your insurance, you will have access to better discounts, and your out-of-pocket expenses will be less. If the provider is “Out-of-network,” then the providers do not have any agreements with the insurance, and you will not have access to the discounted rates. Thus, you will pay a higher fee.

Please note that specific insurances will allow you to see “Out-of-network” providers with similar benefits or discounts as an “In-network” provider. Your dentist should be able to clarify these details for you.

At Texan Smile, we make every effort to educate our patients on their insurance benefits, coverage, and out-of-pocket expenses and make sure to answer any questions our guests have.

What is the difference between PPO vs. HMO insurances?

Each insurance company has a network of providers. With a PPO plan, you can see any provider who is within the insurance company’s network. For HMO plans, your plan will let you choose a single provider who accepts HMO plans.

What payment types are accepted?

Understand the different payment types accepted at your dentist, including your preferred mode of payment.

Are any payment plans offered?

Most dental clinics offer Care Credit, and some offer in-house payment plans. For example, at Texan Smile, we offer 6 and 12 months interest-free payment plans through Care Credit. In addition, we also provide a custom in-house payment plan for our patients.

What are my options if I do not have dental insurance?

Dental insurances allow for lightening the cost of dental treatment and care. And not having dental insurance can cause a financial burden. At Texan Smile, we offer a Gold Package payment plan with additional discounts and convenient Texan Smile EasyPay payment plans for our patients to get the care they need.

If I work late or have a busy schedule, when can I get a dental appointment?

It would help if you chose a provider that offers flexible or late/weekend hours. For example, at Texan Smile, we offer late hours on Thursday – till 7 PM – and open on Saturdays to accommodate even the most demanding schedules.

How can I schedule an emergency dental visit?

Life can be unexpected, and it will be good to know if your provider accommodates emergency appointments. For example, if you are in pain or experience any dental emergency, you should see your provider. At Texan Smile, we will always try to accommodate emergency patients even when we have a busy schedule.

Are walk-in dental appointments available?

Yes. We do accept walk-ins. There might be a delay if there are scheduled patients at the same time. But we will inform you of the wait time.

Can I get the treatment started the same day?

Some providers do allow to start same-day treatment. Your time is valuable, and most of the patients get their treatment stated on the same day at Texan Smile.

Can I move to a different provider mid-treatment?

While not recommended, if you have reasons to move to another provider, you may do so. However, you will need to work with your current provider to transfer your patient history and treatment details to the new provider.

The Texan Smile Advantage

At Texan Smile, we answer all your questions and ensure the treatment plan we recommend for you will guarantee a better oral health outcome. Being a privately owned practice, we can put you and your well-being in focus rather than adhering to a corporate sales model or goals. At Texan Smile, everyone is family. We are honest and direct with our patients and take the time to answer all the questions and provide the ideal options for treatment.

Welcome to Texan Smile, where every smile counts. We combine our experience and in-depth understanding of oral health to identify our patients’ goals – whether it is achieving complete oral health or perfecting a smile – and set them on a path to achieve their goals. We have hired the most qualified staff at our clinic to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. In addition, our office uses new and emerging technologies that put customer comfort and health at the forefront.

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