FAQs About Dental Implants

FAQs About Dental Implants

Missing teeth is a problem that many of us face at different ages. In childhood, missing tooth is a common thing and there is nothing concerning it as you shall get new teeth soon. For adults, missing tooth is a thing of concern. What leads to missing tooth? Well, according to the experienced dentist Sugar Land, missing tooth problem happens due to two prominent reasons. The first reason is ageing. With advent of time, tooth roots become weak and that causes missing tooth issue. The second reason is tooth infection or plaque which leads to missing tooth. When you are facing the problem of missing tooth, you should contact professional and veteran dentist at Texan Smile.

Irrespective of the reasons, missing tooth looks embarrassing. To get rid of the problem, dentist Sugar Land TX would suggest you to undergo the dental implant surgery. This is a cosmetic surgery, which will give you a replacement of your original teeth. Dental implant provides permanent relief against missing teeth. In the following section, different aspects of dental implant process will be discussed.

How the Dental Implant Process Works?

Dental implant is basically implanting an artificial tooth in place of a missing natural tooth. Once the artificial tooth is implanted, it will work as a natural tooth. You can chew foods and you can perform brushing or flossing of teeth without any worries. Since dental implant is a surgery, you need to contact an experienced dentist in Sugar Land. Before recommending the process, the dentist Texan Smile shall ask you to undergo medical checkups. If your body is ready for the surgery, then next steps for dental implant will be followed.

Why Dental Implant Is Recommended?

Dental implant is recommended as it gives permanent relief against missing tooth problem. The artificial tooth comes with porcelain made crown. The root is like a screw, which is designed with metal. Implant surgery is critical, though it does not take a long time. For recovery, 3-4 weeks are needed.

Who Can Undergo Dental Implant?

For undergoing dental implant surgery, you need to consult dentist near you. You shall undergo medical checkups. Based on the report, the dentist should decide whether you are ready to undergo dental implant surgery or not.

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