Even Though not in the “Smile Zone” You Should Replace that Back Tooth

Even Though not in the “Smile Zone” You Should Replace that Back Tooth

Do you have a missing tooth? Do you plan to replace it? Have you ignored the replacement option as the missing tooth is at back of the mouth? You are not the only one who thinks that way. Often people who have lost tooth from back of the mouth don’t feel the need to get it replaced as its not visible while speaking or smiling, says dentist in Sugar Land. People are only interested in replacing the tooth that is visible.

Sadly, people associate tooth loss and replacement only with aesthetic appeal and not with function of the tooth or dental health. There are many reasons to get the tooth at your back replaced. One tooth can have cascading ill effect on other teeth along with underlying bone and the entire facial structure, says dentist near Sugar Land TX.

According to dentist in 77479, the main problem related with tooth loss occurs with bone. When you chew, it puts pressure on teeth and teeth puts pressure on bones through the roots. It stimulates the bone to grow and support the teeth. When there is no tooth, the bone receives no stimulation or growth. It’s said that after losing a tooth, you can lose approximately 25% of the bone width within first year.

When the bone diminishes, even the jaw loses height as well as width. This will lead the gum tissues to decrease gradually. This will begin to impact the ability to speak and chew. The distance between nose and chin begins to decrease and the cheeks may sink. Without bone support, your bite can collapse pushing the teeth out of their position.

To avoid this deterioration of dental health and structure, it’s important to replace your tooth as early as possible. Whether it is a front or back tooth, you must replace even when a single tooth is lost. It is better for you mouth and smile to get even the invisible tooth replaced. Ignorance can risk your dental health as well as your appearance making you look aged before you grow old.

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