Dental Exam and Cleaning

Routine Dental Exam and Cleaning is key for a healthy and gorgeous smile

Dental Exam & Cleaning at Texan Smile Sugar Land

Routine dental exam and cleaning are critical to maintaining your oral health. These routine exams and cleanings are critical building blocks of complete oral health care and provide the dentists the opportunity to examine and diagnose any oral health issues before they progress further. These routine oral comprehensive exams is the recommended way to learn the status of your oral health. American Dental Association (ADA) recommends regular dental visits and cleaning at regular intervals as determined by your dentist.

Dental Cleaning and Exam procedure

During a dental exam and cleaning, Dr. Xavier will evaluate the overall oral health and look for signs of any gum disease and cavities. X-rays, only taken if needed,  helps the dentist to capture any details which cannot be seen with the visual exam. Certain oral issues like gum disease do not present obvious symptoms until they are fairly advanced. Dental exams are important to diagnose issues like gum disease at the onset and to detect other potential conditions that can otherwise go unnoticed. Diagnosing problems like cavities and gingivitis in their early stages makes treatment easier and less costly. Texan Smile uses advanced technology like digital radiographs, intra-oral cameras, and Carivu for an efficient and comfortable experience for all of our patients.

X-rays are a critical tool for the dentist to find any caries which are not visible with naked eyes; and to detect periodontal disease and pathology in the jaws.

Dental Exam and Cleaning

Is same day dental exam and cleaning available at Texan Smile Sugar Land?

Depending on the patients oral health and overall health, dental exam and cleaning can be completed during the same day as the new patient visit if the schedule permits. X-rays are critical tool in completing the exam and the diagnosis, but new x-rays are only requested if a recent one is not available for the patient.

What to expect during Dental Exam & Cleaning ?

During these new patient visits for dental exam and cleaning, you are expected to complete the new patient paperwork and complete the x-rays if they are needed. Dr. Xavier reviews the x-rays and completes a thorough exam and based on the diagnosis, a treatment plan is created. The team will complete a detailed walkthrough of the treatment plan and the cost estimates. Dr.Xavier and team is ready to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Digital Caries Detection using CariVu

Digital Caries Detection DEXIS™ CariVu, the latest breakthrough in caries detection, uses a a patented and safe transillumination imaging technology which allows the provider to accurately see the structure of the tooth and identify any caries or cracks in the tooth. CariVu uses a near-infrared light which is safe for everyone including children and pregnant women. Transillumination technology allows for early detection of caries and thus helps in early detection and preventive care.