5 Tips for Self-Care Following Root Canal Treatment

5 Tips for Self-Care Following Root Canal Treatment

Have you been experiencing a chronic toothache or tooth sensitivity? Notice one of your teeth appears to be getting darker? You may be in need of a root canal! At Texan Smile, our dentist in Sugar Land is proud to offer root canal treatment for those in need. Wondering how you can best care for your smile following Sugar Land root canal therapy? Here are some tips:

Don’t stress about sensitivity or discomfort.

Although you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the root canal treatment, sensitivity and some discomfort are common following the procedure. Once the infection and affected tooth have time to heal, you will begin to feel back to normal. If you experience any sensitivity or discomfort after a few days, let your dentist in 77479 know right away.

Avoid applying pressure to the affected tooth.

Following root canal treatment, a dental crown is recommended to provide additional support, strength, and protection. Prior to receiving your dental crown, we recommend avoiding chewing or applying pressure with the tooth. Due to the recent procedure, the affected tooth could be more likely to crack or even break.

Care for your smile normally.

You should resume your proper at-home dental care routine following your root canal procedure, making sure to brush twice daily, floss once daily and even clean your tongue.

Use warm salt water rinses.

Mixing about a teaspoon of salt with warm water can actually help to reduce discomfort and sensitivity. Make sure the liquid is not too hot or too cold, however.

Schedule your follow-up appointment.

Following your root canal treatment, it is important to follow up with your Sugar Land dentist. Make sure you schedule your appointment with Texan Smile.

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